Project QREN – Incentive System Qualification and Internationalisation of SMEs

10 September 12

SME Qualification – Individual Project AAC 01/SI/2010 synopsis The project aims to design the company’s activity in a new level of competitiveness by ensuring that its position in international markets, is made in a pro-active, in prospecting for new customers and business partners, supporting a marketing policy and marketing autonomous and not merely reactive and dependent, of the internationalization strategy of its clients. The project will also valences to exploit new market niches, of the auto industry, as the ecological segment, in particular, in which the expertise of the technical specifications of the components used in equipment to reduce CO2 emissions, is revealed as a high competitive potential. Project completion dates Beginning Project – July 1, 2010 End of Project – July 30, 2012; 30/12/2012 request after the deadline extension. funding QREN The eligible investment planned for this project is 164,487.12 Euros, being the value of the QREN support provided in the form of non-refundable incentive of 74,019.20 Euros.